A woman collapsed in Tshwane House due to the stress of not paying to feed a homeless man.

Ambulances were called to a house in Tshwane yesterday to visit a woman who collapsed during the Covid-19 blockade for failing to pay for food for the homeless.

Refilwe Mabusela was one of the aggrieved contractors who broke into the City Hall, demanding payment for food during his tenure.

Contractors have been arguing with the city of Tshwane for months over non-payment for catering services. This is not the first time they have been to Tshwane’s house.

Last few months a woman stripped naked while they carried out a protest inside the city headquarters against being removed from the building by metro police.

Yesterday they were prevented by the metro police from entering the municipal manager’s office.

Yesterday, the metro police prevented them from entering the mayor’s office.

Amid the tension, Mabusella fainted, and ambulance crews rushed her to a Tshwane district hospital.

Their new claim for payment came after the Special Investigation Unit (SC) apparently acquitted them of their wrongdoing after investigating allegations that service companies had blown up their city accounts.

The group wanted to see acting mayor Mmasebata Mutlaneng, who was apparently on vacation.

They accused Mutleneng of refusing to pay them and playing hide-and-seek with them.