The game between Paris Saint-Germain and the Turkish champions Basaksehir caused a scandal on Tuesday evening. The reason: The fourth referee, the Romanian Sebastian Colțescu (43), is said to have racially insulted the Istanbul assistant coach Pierre Webo (38).

In protest, the Turkish players refused to come back on the pitch after an interruption – the game was cancelled.

When Colţescu main referee Ovidiu Hategan (40) points out that Webo (sees red) was punished, he is said to have used the word “negro”. There are immediate wild discussions and accusations against Colţescu. He claims that he used the word (“Negru”), which means “black” in the Romanian language.

This was followed by arguments between the referee team and the players. Until ex-Hoffenheim star Demba Ba (35) asks his team to leave the pitch. The Paris stars also follow. The game is first paused, then cancelled.

Meet the referee who started the scandal (Sebastian Colţescu)

Who is the man who sparked the Paris night scandal? Sebastian Colţescu was born in the Romanian city of Craiova (approx. 270,000 inhabitants) and wanted to become a professional footballer.

But it wasn’t enough for that, as he himself said in an interview:

“I played as a midfielder for Electroputere Craiova, but I had the feeling that I hadn’t reached a good level. So I became a referee when I was 19. ”

At the time, he humbly said of his referee job: “But I don’t think I can give back even ten per cent of what this job has given me! I saw almost all of Europe for free because of this job. ”That should be over after the night in Paris.

Colţescu has been whistling the professional league in Romania since 2003, was added to the list of Fifa referees in 2006, but was relegated to the second Romanian division in 2007 and lost his Fifa place. But just under a year later he returned. Til today.

The Romanian association FRF fundamentally distanced itself from racism in a statement: “The FRF is waiting for the Uefa report to find out what exactly happened and to act accordingly! The Romanian association clearly distances itself from racist or xenophobic acts or statements. ”

Csaba Asztalo, the President of the National Council for Combating Discrimination, attacked his compatriot in the sports newspaper Gazeta Sporturilor:

“The expression ‘Negru’ is racist, without any interpretation!” Asztalo continues: “It shows that this referee is on the values and rules of the FRF, Uefa and Fifa is completely unprepared. It’s an eyesore for Romania and our refereeing.

It’s an extreme gravity incident, a live match has been suspended! I don’t remember anything like this happening because of a referee. For us, as well as for the institution I represent, it’s a big eyesore. ”It’s hard to imagine that Colțescu will ever work as a referee again.

The game between Paris Saint-Germain and Basaksehir will be rescheduled on Wednesday at 6.55 p.m. (DAZN). The referee team is completely replaced. The Dutchman Danny Makkelie (37) will lead the game, his assistants are compatriot Mario Diks and the Pole Marcin Boniek. The Pole Bartosz Frankowski was nominated as the fourth official.