Information reaching our news desk has it that the Viral G65 singer whose amapiano song trended last month has passed away. The 65-year-old woman Olpha Selepe popularly known by her stage name as Gee Six Five” went from Zero to Fame just weeks after her song “Obani Lbantu“.

Her death news was announced to the public by her niece Sby Mpungose in a series of tweets made via her official Twitter handle. Circumstances surrounding her death was not disclosed to the public.

Her Tweet Read: My beloved aunt, MumNcane who many of you know as #GeeSixFive is no more. She displayed leadership throughout her life, was the epitome of fearlessness & inspired many with her single #ObaniLababantu. Mthiya, Shandu kaNdaba, Sontshikazi.

The 65-year-old woman shocked Mzansi after her new song “Obani Labantu” exploded the internet. While speaking about her decision to delve into the music not minding her age, G65 explained she wants to show that you can go after your dreams no matter the age.

In Her Words: “When I composed this song, I wanted to address a question that people are always thinking: ‘Who are these people talking about me?’ You know, who are these jealous people, who are these people laughing at me? So I wanted to send a message,”