Since officials in the desert of the US state of Utah found a shiny metal object rammed into the ground while counting sheep, the series has not stopped. More monoliths are appearing all over the world.

The most recent finds are reportedly off the south coast of England as well as in the Netherlands.

A mirror-smooth stele stands lonely and proud on the beach on the Isle of Wight, reflecting the incoming waves. It is at least the fifth such installation that has been discovered worldwide in the past few days.

Number 6 is in the Netherlands. Hikers would have discovered the column on Sunday near the Kiekenberg nature reserve in Friesland.

“We know that it was probably set up at the weekend,” said Imke Boerma from the Dutch Forest Service. “But we don’t know how it got there.”

The object found in Holland is silver, but unlike pillars found previously, it does not have a shiny surface, as it was called on the local broadcaster Omrop Fryslan. The pillar’s discoverer, Thijs de Jong, told the broadcaster that it looked like the pillar “fell from the sky”. It took “two or more people” to transport the column to the heath. However, he could not see any traces around the object.

The other monoliths:

It started with the monolith in Utah, which was noticed while counting wild bighorn sheep. Then one turned up in Romania, one in Atascadero (US state California) and one at Joshua Tree National Park (also California).