Meet Selim Bassoul, who has been appointed the new chairman of Six Flags Entertainment, the world’s largest regional theme park company.

His appointment came after the departure of former president Richard Rodell.

He has been a member of the board since February of this year, after serving from 2001 until last year, he served as chairman, chief executive officer of Middleby Corporation, manufacturing and residential appliance company.

Six Flags Entertainment is the largest water park operator in North America. They recently announced that Rodell would not run for re-election at the next annual shareholders’ meeting in May 2021. Bassoul will work with Rodel in the transition period.

“I want to thank and congratulate Rich’s CEO, and, finally, the chairman of the board for 11 years of service,” said Mike Spanos: “Rich has brought a great deal of wisdom and judgment to our board during the period of transformation and growth. He chaired the board in good faith, always taking into account the interests of our shareholders, guests and team members.”