A grade 12 pupil at Boost Academy has been refused entrance from participating at the Matric exams after she tested positive to Covid-19.

The child was denied an exam at Boost Academy, an independent school at the South Africa Comprehensive Assessment Institute (Sacai) after he scored positively on Covid-19.

The mother of the child found out in a conversation with the newsmen that she had mild symptoms of the virus, passed tests with her daughter (whose identity she asked not to leave him), as they were going to travel after writing her last test on Monday.

Her result was negative on Friday, and her daughter tested positive. “We found out that he had been positive for some time because two weeks ago his nose was closed, but he had no other symptoms.

He said. “The doctor thinks this should have been the beginning of Covid’s infection. As he had no other symptoms, he continued to write his test. So 10 days are over.

“I informed the school about her tastes and results, hoping that a solution would be found for such a case.

“To my surprise, there is no mitigation plan. “The only answer for the head announcer is that she can write again in 2021,” she said.

She revealed that there would be an official response today.

The mother said she also shared a stimulus letter with Sacai, a doctor, who said her daughter was no longer contagious and could write.

Now the mother wants answers to why her daughter prevented her from writing the rest of her subject, while students who allegedly interacted with her child were allowed to complete the exams.

“I don’t believe that this sends the right message to our learners. Exceptional times like this require exceptional and innovative solutions and should encourage the right behaviours.

“Ironically she may have been infected during exams when other students may have attended the exams who were infectious be it knowingly or unknowingly,” she said.

“My daughter was planning to study overseas and was going to leave at the end of January.

“All plans were made and now we can cancel everything because Sacai has no plan in place.

“I would like them to give her the chance to write her final exam. I even offered to pay for an extra invigilator and room hire.”