After their defeat to Pumas on Monday night, the Cruz Azul fans burned their shirts with rage and anger.

The incident caused discomfort among the fans, who did not keep silent in the midst of insults, “disappointment”, showed their anger on social networks.

The defeat of Cruz Azul from “Pumas” to reach the final of “Guardianes” 2020 tournament caused deep damage to the blue-fans. It seemed that the four goals scored in the first game of the semi-final would be enough, but that was not the case.

The Puma were unstoppable, scoring four goals in the return leg, which took them to the grand final due to their position in the table.

Fans of the Cruz Azul Cement Machine were not silent. A fusion of boredom, sadness and anger was present in the social media messages posted after the defeat.

The viral videos started circulating as some fans burned their shirts after a new disappointment from their team. Between gestures of insult and frustration, they set fire to their sweaters or threw themselves into an improvised bonfire.

In the early shots, a fan threw a Cruz Azul shirt into a bowl full of fire. He noted that the situation of the team is a mockery for those who follow him faithfully.

“I’m a good Blue Cross, but you know what? A la v * rga, sons of your fucking mother, fuck your mother, and I swear to you, you play with your feelings, earrings (…) This fart is over. This mother is a joke for us, “he said.

Later, he took off the one he was carrying and broke it with his own hands, to, at the end, also throw it into the campfire that he specifically started.

“I loved this shirt, the best I’ve ever had, I’m going to tear it up myself (…) when I wanted it most (…) To fuck his mother, ultimately. Never, you bastards, “he concluded.